World AllStar Federation



  1. For the FIRST TIME EVER, the cheer and dance industry has a nonprofit organization run TOGETHER with an UNAFFILIATED Board of Directors and a Member-rich Program run by the MEMBERSHIP. The Program side sets the rules and the Board of Directors helps guide and lead in an always safe athlete-centric fashion.

  2. Each Board Member is heavily screened for affiliations. A minimum of seven (7) Board directors must be completely unaffiliated with cheer (profits or programs).

  3. The Board of Directors is designed for four (4) recently retired Athlete Directors who will lend their VOICE in a strong LEADERSHIP role.

  4. World Allstar Federation Board of Directors AND Program Director have a Duty to Disclose. Individuals must disclose any judgment/adjudication/violation or comparable disposition of a legal proceeding inconsistent with the principles and expectations described within the Bylaws — Both before applying to be a Director and during their Tenure as a Director.

  5. ALL meetings will have Athlete Director representation. This ensures the direction of the organization is always forward-leaning in the direction of athlete safety

  6. World Allstar Federation shall have the following permanent Standing Committees: Finance, Compensation, and Audit Committee; Nominating and Governance Committee; Ethics and Grievance Committee; SafeSport Committee; Athletes’ Council; Program Committee for each discipline; Affiliated Organizations Committee; Programs Council. The Special Committees include the Hall of Fame Committee and the Awards Committee

  7. ALL Board Members serve for a four (4) year term (2 max back-to-back) and three total in their lifetime. Same for the Program Directors

  8. To protect the interests of World Allstar Federation and its tax-exempt status, and to avoid any potential financial abuse or appearance of impropriety or favoritism when WASF contemplates entering into a business, financial or contractual arrangement, the Board has adopted and will maintain in force a Conflict of Interest Policy containing such terms and provisions, consistent with state and federal laws about conflicts of interest which apply to non-profit, tax-exempt organizations.

  9. The World Allstar Federation will follow all guidelines and rules as set out and outlined by U.S. Center for SafeSport.

  10. While our current SafeSport pathway is still being discovered, we are working with top-tier organizations that understand the plight of the cheer industry and want to help in delivering a safe, positive and always athlete-centric structure for athlete protection, member status, and more.

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