A Letter to the Cheerleading and Dance Industry

There is a lot of speculation regarding the current state and anticipated future of cheerleading and dance. 

Cheerleading and Dance has been our labor or love for more than two decades. We truly believe this industry has the potential to be everything it was meant to be. But somewhere, we got lost, and lost sight of what matters most. Our industry is in peril, and it’s time to do what is right. 

We are excited to announce the World Allstar Federation – a true non-profit and sports federation for Allstar Cheerleading and Dance. 

This federation stands for fair and equal representation, rules and safety standards developed by the community for the community, cost effective training and safety tools, elected and moderated board positions, accountability and transparency, rules and processes that are based on integrity and developed for the greater good, and ultimately a fair and free market for all. Our objective is to keep athletes cheering and dancing, year after year, in an environment that promotes healthy growth, for decades to come. 

We haven’t entered into this lightly. The World Allstar Federation will ensure our industry does better, keeps getting better, and provides options for gym owners, coaches, athletes, and fans. We cannot sit back and be silent anymore. We will not forget the power we have as a community. We must find our voices and work together to help this industry become everything it was meant to be. 

Save the dates for our inaugural General Assembly meeting August 2-3, 2022, in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Membership information will be released in the near future.

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